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Assisting and Helping the Abused and Neglected


About Our Founder

Karen Borders M.A. is a 22-year veteran of the Palm Springs Police Department who specializes in domestic violence and child abuse. She has a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and has completed 2 years of her doctoral candidacy in Forensic Psychology.

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Karen has served on numerous committees and won various awards for her work in child abuse and domestic violence. She has hundreds of hours served as an expert witness and thousands of hours as an expert consultant.

In addition, she has multiple speech topics for lay audiences as well as for lawyers and health care professionals. From her extensive experience, she found out that more often than not, abusers follow identifiable patterns of behavior that are quantifiable.

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If you would like to free yourself from domestic violence and child abuse, contact Karen Borders Consulting, Inc. in Gilbert, Arizona. We can also help you in determining different types of abuse.

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